21 June 2015

Happy Anniversary to us!

Pokey and I took the day to go play around Disney's Animal Kingdom, just the two of us.  We had a blast riding the things we know Hobbit wouldn't like because they're too much of a thrill ride for her.  Afterwards, we went and had a late lunch/early supper at Splitsville Luxury Lanes at Downtown Disney West Side.  It was fabulous!  Here are some photos of our anniversary day out...

We started the day bright and early so that we could get the best chance of missing all the standard afternoon storms.

A nice (unfortunately, short) man took our photo in queue.  I got a TON of compliments on my Mickey comic strip dress.

Pokey had never ridden Expedition Everest so that was a must and my FastPass prowess had us whip through the queue too.

You have to admit, Disney does a great job paying attention to all the little details.  These prayer flags are fabulous.

Fabulous socks - hanging from the ceiling of the Expedition Everest queue.  I love them, don't you!

It was so hot... this monkey was just over it.

Look how cute... turtle butt!!

So many beautiful birds, this little guy was just singing his heart out... or yelling danger to all of his friends, just not sure.

Everywhere you looked, there was a beautiful water feature hidden. I could live here.

Lots of fish... and one wishful fisherman... hehehe.

There were a lot of new arrivals around the park.  This beautiful mama and her precious baby were my favorite.

Waiting for our last adventure on the safari attraction. It was so unbelievably hot yesterday but we had fun.

All the animals were on the left of the jeep, I was on the right.  I did the best I could with sports setting and a prayer.

Another fabulous waterfall was waiting after the safari ride.  Couldn't you just sit here for hours and enjoy it?

It was only one o'clock but we totally felt like this guy, so we moved our dinner reservation up to 3pm and headed out.

We finished our fun with Pokey having a burger called the Mad King - it was bigger than his face!  Yes, he did finish it too!!

The bottom opened up while we were having supper but thankfully, the new parking structure kept us dry as we headed to the car to go home.  Granted, we didn't get wet on our adventure but the drive home was horribly wet and full of lightening.  Pokey slept and I drove, which seems to be the norm on the way home from the parks.  I'm okay with it though because I'm a horrible passenger, just ask him.

We were home by six o'clock, hosed off the park, and spent the rest of the night enjoying the quiet.  I watched some episodes of Friends while I knit a row or two on my Marshmallow Shrug and he played his video game on the computer.  It was a wonderful end to our fabulous day.

Today, we're headed up to my folks' to pick up Hobbit and celebrate Father's Day with Pokey and Daddy.  It will be wonderful too.  Mama is making BBQ beef ribs for supper!  She made a special note to get beef instead of pork just for me so I will be sure to show my appreciation for her remembering my allergies.  I hope y'all have a wonderful day too and be sure to give your daddy or father figure a call to let them know they are loved.

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