13 June 2015

Sticks and strings and sparkly things!

I was asked to review Beaded Lace Knitting by Anniken Allis and at first, I was a little overwhelmed.  I actually sat there, flipping through the book for the first time just admiring all the gorgeous works of art these models were wearing, and I thought "there is no way I can do that!  It's tiny sticks with tiny string with tiny sparkly things... nope, I'm a complete fraud."  I mean, I've only just gotten back into knitting again and at that, I'm so rusty on how things are done, I'm sure I would flub it all up.  I had beaten myself before I even had a chance.  I put it down and went to put the kettle on.  I needed a spot of tea to clear my head before I dove back into that scary place.  Once my cuppa was ready, I sat back down and actually read the book.  Then, my outlook changed.
 I started reading the actual patterns and I noticed that she had them group by experience and difficulty.  The book started with the easiest patterns first and ended with the most challenging.  The charts were easy to read and follow along - and that is saying a lot when you think that I have only knit one thing in my life from a chart!  The written directions were clear and used common terminology.  I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating it is to have a designer give something a different name simply for the sake of giving it a different name.  It's not a new stitch, just a new name.  That makes for some serious unnecessary confusion, let me tell you.
The photographs were perfect for each project.  You got to see the full item, crisp details, and beautiful glamor shots.  By the time I had finished actually reading this book, I was thinking "okay, I think I can do this.  Actually, I know I can do this!"  So if you have been wanting to knit beaded lace  but are like me - a bit too intimidated - I highly recommend this book.  Anniken holds your hands and guides your needles with such an encouraging and enthusiastic touch.  She'll have you believing you cant tackle anything... and she's right there with you to lend a hand.

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