19 July 2018


That is the only word I can use to describe last night. It was the most amazing evening. The bands, the music, the family time - at one point, Hobbit got up and went to get a photo with the first act... BY HERSELF! She didn't want us to go with her. She was adamant that this was something she wanted to try and do alone so we let her... and she did it! She even has a photo of her with them, they're called Kulick and you should definitely give them a listen because they are fabulous. The smile on her face in that shot says it all - she is beaming! Don't tell, but I screenshot her photo from Instagram - look at that face...
She had to have asked a random stranger to take the picture too so double kudos to my awesome kid!
After their amazing set, The Rocket Summer took the stage. Wow. This guy will blow your mind. The sounds he was able to make and the songs he sang were just beautiful. I got one single shot of him and he is back lit by hot pink light so his face is gone. I'm not posting it here (it's on Instagram if you really want to see it, along with a few others and some videos of the night) but I did post a link to his music because you have to give yourself the honor of listening to him. You won't regret it, I swear.

After his set, I simply lost my mind. I have to admit, I am not their typical fan. I'm technically "old" by their average aged fan standard. It's okay. I don't honestly care. I smile every time I hear one of the kids in the audience say something like "Man, I wish my mom was like that" or "That kid is lucky, look at her mom" - and this is usually while I am singing along, acting like a Woo Girl, and having a blast. I did remember to get a few photos...
This was before it all started and we had just found our seats. See Pokey's shirt - Kellin dedicated the song "Gold" to "the awesome dad in the Stay Golden shirt". He was tired so he was sitting, holding my purse, while Hobbit and I sang.

This is actually the encore when Kellin and Nick came out to sing 2 Chords. It was amazing!
This man, Nick Martin, is the embodiment of pure joy. He is so happy that he truly fills the room with his energy.
There is no zoom on this image! Sleeping With Sirens was literally two people away from us. This acoustic tour was a dream come true for me. I have seen them before but I had always wanted to catch an acoustic show - and Kellin said that this would probably be the last time they do one so I am forever grateful for last night.
No concert is complete without purchasing the epic tour date shirt. There we were, 5th from the bottom on the left.
I was one happy camper. I put in some fabulous washout purple dye because Disney would freak if I went to work on Friday with purple hair even though I work in a backstage support area. I wore my pretty white off the shoulder summer dress and my sparkly pink tennis shoes. For one of the oldest fans, I was rocking it appropriately.
I did see a few other parents in the audience, my husband included, who were just sitting there. Pokey didn't really know them but he simply enjoys music so was having a good time. He has to stand all day at work so no one faulted him for sitting. The other parents though... I don't get it. They looked miserable. There was a mom and dad, looked to be about our age, sat in the row in front of us and they were just bumps on a log. It's like they thought they couldn't have fun. I was such a sharp contrast - and really always have been I guess. Granted, I am an honest to goodness fan of their music but even at shows where I'm not a super fan, I still have a good time. I think it does Hobbit good to see me up, awkwardness and all, just unapologetically enjoying myself. At one point, Kellin was talking during the lead in to "Better Off Dead" and he shared about his personal challenges with anxiety and depression. By the time he was done, just before he started singing, Hobbit and I were both just in tears because we understood and connected with him on that very real and raw level. We weren't embarrassed or ashamed. We were living in the moment - singing along, tears streaming down our faces, my arm around her shoulder and just living it.

When it was all over, I even had the courage to go to the stage with Hobbit while Nick was giving away the set lists (no, we didn't get one) and holler "Thank you" to him. He put his hand on his heart, smiled at us, and said "No, thank you!". This made our night!! The first time he came over to our side of the stage, we both waved at him and since he couldn't wave back, he gave us the biggest and cheesiest smile ever - right at us - and we were tickled. The last time we saw them, we connected with Nick and he tried to toss us guitar picks, missed, shrugged, and blew us kisses instead. That was another amazing summer night just last year.

So I guess I really can think of another word to describe last night... amazing... because it totally was!

Oh, and since it is Thursday and I try to track my projects on this day, here is an updated shot of my Marley Blanket that I am making for a coworker who is due to have her first girl in October. It will be her fourth child but her first girl...
I am literally halfway done. I have 3 more rows of the even section and then I start the decreases!

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