03 July 2018

What's Up?

Yes, I know... can we just skip the excuses and apologies, hug it out, and move on? Yes? Great! So, first things first... look at what I earned...

Do you see up there? No? Okay, I have to be quick though because we aren't supposed to have our phones out taking photos on the floor...

I know it's a tad blurry but I had to be quick about it. That is a medal - my own medal. My very first medal! This is the 35th Anniversary of the Disney VoluntEARS and if you earned at least 35 volunteer hours, you earned a medal. So far this year, I have 87 hours earned and I am going to turn in at least 8, possibly 12, more hours this month. My goal was 100 hours and I think I may make it!!

How did I get it? Oh, knitting things for charity. Yep, I am very proud member of the Disney Blanketeers. Did I mention that we were the VoluntEAR Team of the Year this year? No, well, there you go!

Tomorrow, I'll share what all I'm working on now. I hope y'all have a great (and magical) day!

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