04 July 2018

Wrangling them all up...

Oh gosh, this idea may be harder than I thought. I was thinking I would do a quick update on all the items I am currently working on but then it got to be depressing - all the things I haven't finished! Now I have changed my mindset and so instead of that sad angle, I'm going to show a few things I am going to finish in July... that I started a while ago...

This is the oldest item in the collection of things to complete in July. I started this at the beginning of the year. It was my mindless knit during Peak Season (January - April at work). I am actually a little further than this photo too, since I'm up to 25 teeth so I'm still plugging along... just not very quickly.

Because I love Christmas in July, I plan on putting on two of my favorite Christmas movies - maybe even the entire Santa Clause Trilogy! - and finishing this new tree skirt up. It is cute and I do like it. I'm not even that far from being done either. I have 5 more squares and the edging left. It's super huge but I think one devoted day, or maybe even my weekend, and I will have this completed.

This one is a bit of a stretch. It's my Marley Blanket that I'm making for a friend at work. She is due in October but I wasn't sure how long it will take and I wanted to be sure to be able to finish it. I finished the 9th edge scallop at lunch today so if I don't finish this month, I will definitely be able to finish it in August - because October is closer than you think!!

I have the standard Blanketeer hat on my needles too but those are always going and I stick to a handful of patterns and colors so they are a bit boring to update. I want to turn in at least two hats a month so that's 8 hours. If I do that to the end of the fiscal year, that's 24 more hours and will end me 111 hours. If they stop counting at the end of the calendar year, that would be 135 hours. Either way, I will have made my goal that I set for myself.

I'm trying to get a good schedule going here. I know it won't be an every day event but I am shooting for 3 or so times a week. I'm brainstorming some possible new themes and such. Just like life, things evolve over time and it's a new season in the life of this blog... but this blog needed life so I'm trying to figure out how to do that - for both you and me.

Time to go enjoy my family. I hope y'all have a happy and safe holiday.

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