10 August 2010

Insulting Beyond Belief

I have this "friend". He was a true friend of mine when I was a Disney cast member. He was always sweet, understanding, supportive and jovial. Lately, he has been going through some tough times (separation from wife, loss of job, attempts at dating) and apparently he feels that I have not been around for him. He even sent me an email that stated how he 'got the message'... and what message might that be exactly?

I'm sorry but just because my 'title' says "Stay At Home" doesn't mean that that is what I do - quite the contrary to be sure! Between endless errands and appointments, play dates and outings - you better believe that home is the last place I am on a regular basis.

To send such a message without thought is ridiculous. I am sorry that my friend's life is not the way that he wishes it would be right now. I am sorry that our schedules don't coincide for ease of communication but to jump off the deep end and make the thinly veiled accusation that I am somehow behaving like a middle school child is out of line.

I apologize for not being at your beck and call dear friend but you can take comfort in knowing that you will not have to worry with my apparent inconsiderate ways any longer. I have enough children to raise - I don't need any more and it is obvious that you have no respect for me and what I do... so I wish you well in all you do but please note that I have a life and it requires attention... sorry if it doesn't fit in your single bachelorhood kid-free schedule.

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