05 August 2010

Keeping Me In Stitches

I was just sitting here thinking about all my favorite places to get knitting patterns. I had posted the topic on my CafeMom group, Nutty Knitters. I shared how I generally get my patterns from Ravelry but if I wanted to put my hands on a tangible book then I would go to JoAnn or BooksAMillion.

I realized after I made my post that I left two really important sources - Debbie Macomber and Kate Jacobs. I adore these women. They write wonderful novels and incorporate the love of knitting into them. There is intrigue, romance, humor ~ all woven together with knitting. These are some very talented ladies who also honor us with the patterns in each of their books as well.

Generally, there is one pattern and one recipe in each of Kate Jacobs' novels. Debbie also gives you one pattern in her novel but she goes a step further. Debbie gives you complete pattern books that cover all the projects in her novels. It is wonderful to create the same beautiful pieces that you read about... I know I have made several and her patterns are so well written than you just can not mess them up!

I just wanted to pay tribute to two very talented women that keep me in stitches - in more ways than one.


  1. If you love a murder mystery another great novelist is Maggie Sefton. Each novel includes a recipe and a knitting pattern. Check her out!

  2. Oh thank you for the suggestion! I will most definitely look into getting my hands on some of her work.


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