11 August 2010

Orientation Day!

Oh my goodness, it is Hobbit's orientation day for Kindergarten and she is so excited. She woke up and hollered down the stairs "Mama, is today a Kindergarten day?", to which I responded with a resounding yes - then the true Hobbit shone through ~ "Mama, should I wear the butterflies or the Hello Kitty?".

Hobbit is such a fashionista and I adore her for it. Her outfits speak so clearly towards her moods that it is uncanny. She's excited today so we are debating on weather to don our bright rainbow colored and sparkly outfit or if we should wear our shocking hot pink and black ensemble. Since I got a vote, as did her father, the butterflies will be fluttering to orientation today because I think the Hello Kitty outfit is going to make the perfect back to school statement (or I guess it would be simply 'to school' since she's never been before) with the hot pink and black contrast and her sparkling hot pink sneakers (and yes, I do wish those shoes came in my size - and double yes, I would own a pair).

The confidence level that Hobbit finds in her clothing is amazing. The old adage of "If you look good, you feel good" is so very true with her... and she is looking amazing today.

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