18 August 2010

So You See... Well, I Just Had To...

I had to go and have blood work done this morning and I didn't really have a 'no brainer portable project' on my needles... what was I gonna do in the waiting room?!?! So I printed out my Retro Stocking Knit Cap, put it in it's protective geek sleeve, cast on my 112 stitches (called for 96 but Peanut has a big head... lol... she said that the last hat I made was too tight so I upped it in increments of 8... plus the 2x2 ribbing will keep it snug) and shoved it in one of my super cool canvas totes - Hats4Heroes.org one actually.

Anywho... all the while I'm doing this my sweet angel of a hubby is looking at me with his head cocked to the side and a look of complete wonderment across his face. I asked him what was up and he said, very sweetly, "I'm trying to figure out why you're starting another project. You've got that really complicated one in pink. You've got that one that's going to be complicated in fluffy reds and pinks. I'm guessing you want one that you don't have think about but I'm not sure." Isn't he precious... lol. I smiled at him and explained that I needed something to do in the doctor's office or waiting in the car line that I could stop at any minute and with this project being in the round, I could do just that - he chimed in with "if you stop in the middle of a row, you'll get a hole, okay" - so this hat was going to be my carry along project for the very reasons that he worked out.

Pokey turned to go back to the kitchen for more coffee (cruel when you think about since I had to wait for my first cup until I got home) and he looked very proud... then I heard him mumble, "I'm getting pretty good at this knitting stuff"... that's my baby.

So you see... well, I just had to start another project... LOL.

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