07 September 2010

The Hidden Monday

Yes, I know it is technically Tuesday but all that really means is that it is a Hidden Monday. What is a Hidden Monday, you ask - oh my... please, let me explain.

Mondays, to most in the universe, are days of dread where the work week begins and time seems to sludge by almost as slowly as Christmas Eve night for a child. A Hidden Monday is the same effect placed on a Tuesday because you were blessed with being off on the actual Monday... see where I'm going with this one?

I've decided to trick the Hidden Monday though. Most people walk around with a false sense of accomplishment that today is Tuesday and they have outwitted Monday only to have it smack them in the back of the head (affectionately known as being "Gibbs'd") by the fact that two days worth of work needs to be accomplished in one day.

Instead of walking around with that silly feeling, I'm going to embrace the Hidden Monday and freak it smooth out. It won't know what to do. It will be confused and perhaps, just maybe, I won't get Gibbs'd... it's worth a shot in any event and if I'm lucky ~ I'll Gibbs the Hidden Monday instead!

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