02 September 2010

Peanut's Christmas Scarf

White lace scarf - Rory has one and I always thought it was so grown up and beautiful. I can still picture it clearly in my head to this very day... then again, I do have Gilmore Girls on DVD so the amount of times I've watched it probably has something to do with it as well... nah, it's just a phenomenal scarf!

I decided that Peanut needed a scarf just like Rory's - one that says "Hey, I'm classy" and yet whispers "Elegant and practical ~ look out world"... it's a very yappy scarf but that's okay because Peanut isn't... it can talk all it wants!

So I started the pattern - K2, P4, carry the 1, divide by Pi - and was impressed with how well it is going! I am normally too scatterbrained for intricate stitch work but this time, I might actually make it to the end... all 71 inches of it!

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