13 September 2010

Tears Giveway to Enlightenment

Some people are just cruel.  They seem to take pleasure in creating pain for others.  We teach our kids that those types of people are called bullies and that the best way to deal with bullies is to simply ignore them... we teach our kids wrong.

I ignored my bully.  I removed myself from the same places as the bully - no matter how much I enjoyed the area.  I refused to get sucked into the meanness and become that which I despise.  I did as my mother taught me - I walked away.... no one told me what to do if they should follow!

The level of self-esteem a person has makes no difference.  The degree of patience a person has is of no consequence.  Little can be done when the bully refuses to acknowledge that they have no effect... they beat on you relentlessly until there is nothing left but tears... and those tears make the bully feel better - superior even - and they are sustained for a moment.  It's like a drug addict searching for a fix... they are fine for a short while until the monster starts scratching to get out again.

The tears this time gave way to enlightenment.  I don't have to simply take it.  I don't have to keep trying to ignore all the nastiness... I can disappear in my cocoon and reemerge as the beautiful butterfly I know myself to be.. and I have decided that it is time to break free and fly.

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