12 September 2010

103 days, 15 hours and 58 minutes

That's how long I have until Christmas morning.  I have three projects sitting next to me that I haven't touched in days.  I just haven't felt like working on them - I got a bit discouraged when I had to frog Peanut's scarf because I lost my place and when I tried to figure out where I was and picked up working, it was backwards.  I don't want to work on Pokey's present when he's home because then he'll see it and I'm worn out on Hobbit's stitch work with almost 300 stitches to work it through.

I needed a bit of motivation and I'm thinking that having just over 100 days to finish all three is going to do it for me... except, now I've gone from unmotivated to panic mode - I wonder if I can finish all three in such a short amount of time.  Oh goodness, now I'm down to 103 days, 15 days and 52 minutes.. gotta go.. see ya soon!!


  1. You have 33.3 days for each project. Better get busy.

  2. That sounds so much better in my head! Thanks for the numeric pep talk!!


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