11 September 2010

Nibbles & Needles

That's what I'd call it.  Call what... my yarn store/coffee shop.  It's been my dream to own a coffee shop and a local yarn store (LYS) so one day during daydreaming I decided to combine them... and Nibbles & Needles is what I created.

It's a beautiful store.  You walk in the front door and are immediately hugged by the aroma of fresh baked cookies and muffins.  The sumptuous smell of coffee kisses you hello.  Looking around you notice that it feels like the home of a good friend.  Buttery soft leather chairs to curl up in, pillowy sofas to lounge on and little wooden craft tables to sit and sew your creations together.  The lighting is peacefully soft but still conducive to knitting and reading patterns.  The color pallet is earthy but feminine - mossy greens, sky blues, sunshine yellows and petal soft pinks.

The walls are lined with diamond cut boxes and filled floor to ceiling with yarn.  It's an organized, functional piece of art.  The logic behind the system is simple - lightest weight to heaviest and the rainbow follows along from red all the way through to indigo and back again.  The color of the wood used to house the section of yarn also helps newer guests learn where to look - light sand all the way through to a golden putty.

Notions and accessories are found in the back section of Nibbles & Needles.  Everything from the obvious to the obscure.  Prices are affordable because the purpose of the store would not be to make items unobtainable.  I have some yarn - the total price was well over $100 - that I was going to make into a short sleeve sweater... I'm afraid to use it because of the astronomical price.  Nothing in our store would ever cost so much that our guests would be too scared to enjoy it.  The purpose of it all is bring joy, relaxation and veritable oasis for knitters.

So that is my "retirement" plan... to open Nibbles & Needles.  I look forward to seeing you there.


  1. I just love reading your blog! You are such a sweet person and it shows through in your writing! If I lived bear you I would be a regular customer at your store!

  2. Our local knitting mecca is much like your dream. Near a great University (Swarthmore) the clientele ranges from the tweens class to college students to seniors. There is always a pot of coffee brewing (no charge) and a giant farm house table in the middle of the room surrounded by knitters. The yarn is a little expensive but oh so beautiful. Wish I had the time and funds to take all the classes I want.
    http://www.aknittingparty.com Hope you get your shop one day and if you do I promise to fly down for a cup of tea.

  3. A. I love your dream and I really hope one day you and DH will be able to make it come true!!! After that you can come to Chicago to share your dream with us!! j.

  4. J. oooooh, a franchise... but who could I trust to cherish my store in Chicago... hmmmm? A.


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