27 September 2010

In 2 Days

Minnie, the night she adopted us back in 2009
In two days, our little Bella will be a year old.  Yep, I know the exact birthday of our cat.  I know this because Minnie, Bella's mama, hopped up on our dining room window one rainy evening in early September last year while we were having supper and Hobbit pleaded with Pokey to 'save' her.

That night, a year ago, my soft-hearted husband went outside in the thunderstorm to 'save' Minnie - a pregnant cat who was all too pleased in her accomplishment of being adopted.  In the beginning, she was loving and attentive and just a super cat.  We took her to the vet and had her looked at - mostly to verify what my husband said when he picked her up regarding her being pregnant... and she was!  Our vet said she was due in a matter of weeks and to just make sure we had a good place for her to feel safe and secure.  She chose our bathroom closet which worked out beautiful.

Bella - 3 weeks old
Then, on September 28th my husband and I went to bed with 2 girls, a dog and a cat in the house... we woke up on the 29th to two girls, a dog and 5 cats in the house!  The kittens were beautiful - 3 huge healthy babies and one little runt.  Minnie worked really hard to sit on her, she would carry her out of the closet and leave her in the laundry room closet... poor little baby.  I spent more time with her in my pockets then she did next to her mother.

Minnie, it turns out, was not maternal.  She fed them and then worked as hard as she could once they were weaned to get back outside.  We thought it was unfair to her to keep her cooped up in the house so we took her to a horse farm where she could be a barn cat - a life that suits her much better.  Now, let me state that we made an agreement with the girls before the kittens were born that we would only consider keeping the girl ones - boys spray and if there is going to be an animal living in my home that I am allergic to, it's not going to aggravate me in any other fashion as well.  We were blessed to only have one girl in the litter - Bella, the runt who resided in my pocket.

Bella - a year later
We have since found homes for the boys (Shadow, Pudge and Bruiser) and now Bella is the love of the girls' lives.  She gives as much love and attention as she receives... and sometimes she gives it whether she receives it or not... lol.  We are now back down to 2 girls, a dog and a cat - and that is how we shall stay.  

Happy Birthday Bella - you are truly a beautiful girl and hold the hearts of many in this house... now, if I can just get you to stop tossing your litter all over the kitchen floor, you'd be perfect, I swear!

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