15 September 2014

Give joy

Just some food for thought during a time when it seems that it needs to be shared most.
It seems like people are forgetting to be kind, grateful, and compassionate.  That the feeling of entitlement has grown to a level that is rather disgusting.  You can learn a lot about a person's character when they are faced with a moment of grace - they can either be gracious, or they can be greedy.

I spend a great deal of my life giving.  I give my time, my energies, myself.  I don't ask for anything in return.  I give because I love to do it.  Only a few times has the act of giving ever left a sour taste in my mouth - but generally, it was the recipient's who turned it that way.  They were thankless and greedy... and showing how ugly people can be when they forget to be kind, grateful, and compassionate.

When someone gives to you - either of themselves or even something tangible - always remember to be thankful.  It doesn't matter how big or small the act is, it's the simple act of giving that should be cherished.  Don't act entitled, greedy, or ugly when someone is doing something selfless for you.  Be mindful.  Be thoughtful.  Be thankful.

It's when we lose our sense of gratitude that we we become thankless and entitled.  Enrich your life and do something selfless for someone else today.  You just might surprise yourself at how wonderful it feels do things for others without having an ulterior motive... just give of yourself for the joy of giving.

Bringing joy to others... it will most certainly bring joy back to you.

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