07 September 2014

Sunday Snaps

I know I've been quiet this week but I promise, I've been busy - look at what all I finished!
This has been a crazy week.  The first week of a new month is always a bit wonky because the work schedule always changes.  On the upside, I had a conversation with my big boss and things will start to even out more and I am over the moon excited about it.  I'll know more once October gets here but it sounds like it is finally the perfect fit for my family.  It only took a year and a half but we got there.

I know I was quiet and I do apologize but I have things to share - my productive week was super productive on the crafting front!  Check it out...
  1. We are going to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party during our family vacation so I made Hobbit a treat bag to go with her princess costume!  It's all original and I won't be releasing it because I don't wish to infringe upon anyone's copyright.  I do have cryptic notes on my project page though so if you wander over that way, you might can figure it out.
  2. I am plugging along on my little cross stitch that is going to part of a Christmas present for someone special.  It's turning out rather spiffy, don't you think?
  3. Quidditch started on the 5th and I had to score a goal for Slytherin because a threepeat would be the bees knees.  I know Dolores Umbridge would love her own "locket" with kitties in it.
  4. I released a super simple pattern for my Flower Lace Cowl that I truly love.  Hobbit's teacher apparently loves it too - she asked me to come in and teach the kids how to knit and crochet.
  5. I was curious if some super bulky yarn would work well for a hat so I sat down and whipped one up.  It's amazingly warm and really cute.  I don't know that I will get much use out of it but if we ever have a cold day down here, I'm all set with this cutie.
  6. I'm still plugging away on my shawl.  I have to admit, I am not a big fan of how they have it written out.  I've had to frog it twice in two different areas.  Granted, I am modifying it to make it bigger but still, my math is correct so we'll see how it turns out.  These little hiccups on the base may vanish when I get to the shell section.  I hope to have some serious time to work on it tomorrow when I'm off.
That's been my week.  All crafting has been courtesy of binge watching "Parenthood" since this is it's farewell season, I wanted to rewatch all of them prior to it starting.  I do love that show and I am so sad to see it go but I understand.  Six seasons is a lot for a show that was never at the top of the ratings - but they do have a dedicated cult following.  I hope to own in all on DVD once it's over.

I need to get ready for work - yeah, I work both weekend days (all day) this month so I'm not the happiest of campers but I know that things will be better soon so I'm doing what I was taught to do... suck it up and power through.  The final quarter of the year will definitely be golden.  I just know it!

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