20 September 2014

We're home

We got home last night from spending the week at Walt Disney World.  It was fabulous.  Granted, I was sick with a bad cold for most of it but we still had a wonderful relaxing family get away.  Here are a few pictures of all our fun...

Sunday night, after we unpacked the cabin, we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

We watched the new Frozen fireworks show.  It was really amazing.

So much color, it was breathtaking.

Monday morning, we went to the World Showcase in Epcot.

It was so peaceful and relaxing in the garden over at China.

We took our farewell ride on the Maelstrom too.

That night, we went swimming after we took a carriage ride around Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.

Tuesday morning was spent at the pool, but that night we went somewhere special.

We went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom!

We were able to walk on to everything because it was not crowded at all.

The rain held off long enough for the Headless Horseman to open the parade!

There were so many cool floats and characters running around.

Goofy, one of my all time favorites, rode a float that blew bubbles and smelled of cotton candy!

The Villains had their own band - they were awesome.

I was overjoyed to see Goob (aka The Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons).

The rest of the week was just as magical.
I hope y'all had a fabulous week and now, it's time to start looking forward to Autumn and all the beauty we have in store!!


  1. awesome! We have done the Halloween at Disneyland - dont think it was as awesome as this! I am sad that MAelstrom is closing - on the mural is a little boy who is a deadringer for my grandson!

  2. I've never been, but it looks amazing and from your photographs I'd say you and your loved ones had a blast!


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