13 May 2015

A study in pink

I have been trying to figure out a particular item simply from looking at a photograph.  Normally, I would buy the pattern and go to town.  The only problem was, there was no pattern.  So I did what many of us have done in the past - studied the item or image and attempt to deconstruct it.

Originally, I had followed it to the tee - including stitch count - but it looked entirely too small.  Granted, it's been over ten years since there was a newborn in the house but I'm pretty sure she was bigger than what the original image envisioned.  So I frogged it and started over, doubling my beginning ring.  Now it looks like you can tuck a baby in and they will be most comfy.

I need to get this done because it will be my granddaughter's first Halloween costume!  You have no idea how touched I was to have my son ask me make it for them.  Naturally, I used it for my Knitting and Crochet Blog Week theme for today, Experimental Photos.  I took all the pink objects from my desk in my office and photographed them.  I spend so much time with a camera in my hands, I wasn't really sure what to do... I was honestly without inspiration.  That rarely happens so I decided to just do what I wanted and trust it would all work out in the end.

It may not be the most moving photo but I think the composition is good, the palette is fun, and the subject matter is close to my heart... those are basically the only elements you need in order to make a nice picture.  Now, I've got to get back to my crafting or that little girl is going to arrive before I've gotten anything finished!



  1. This is sweet. A good attempt at some photography for our third day challenge! Bravo!

  2. But you haven't said what the costume will be ! :)

  3. Because I'm a stinker... lol. Emily is due in September so she will be nestled into a Hello Kitty sleep sack while her sister, Kiki, goes trick or treating. They live in TN so it's usually chilly that time of year.


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