22 May 2015

Can't forget Kiki

Project Page: Kiki's Sweater
Y'all have been hearing a lot about Emily and all the things that I've been working on for her but we can't forget about Kiki.  She is Emily's big sister!  I know with all the hustle and bustle surrounding the excitement of a new baby, sometimes the babies who are already here feel a little left out.  Well, Nana could not let that happen so as soon as I completed Emily's blanket, I cast on a sweet sweater for Kiki.  There is only about three more inches of work that needs to be done on it but I've really enjoyed this pattern - a lot.  To the point that I am going to make Emily a matching sweater and possibly - if I have time - one for their mama as well!

Once these baby things are completed, I think I need to refocus some attention back on my own babies... someone is starting to get a wee bit jealous that I have not crafted a thing for her in weeks.  Apparently aunties feel a little left out as well.

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