17 May 2015

Sunday Snaps

Project Page: Emily's Blankie
I finished this yesterday and shared a photo of it with my future daughter-in-law and my son.  I was immediately told that this would be Emily's coming home blanket!  I was so moved, I admit to having tears of joy.  My granddaughter is going to come home in September, wrapped all snug in a hug from her Nana.

I do love this blanket.  I made it in my future daughter-in-law's favorite color, as she loves greens and blues.  I thought it would be a nice spot in Emily's sea of Hello Kitty pink.  The yarn is so soft and the blanket came out the perfect size.  I do hope that it becomes a cherished lovie, just like my girls love their blankets from my mother.

I highly recommend both the pattern and the yarn to everyone.  While neither are free, the pricing is not bad.  I was able to do the entire blanket in one skein of JoAnn Fabric's Rainbow Classics.  There was 615 yards of yarn in the skein that I purchased.  I had picked up two at the time because I was not sure how big it was going to be so now I have a bonus skein for my stash.  The pattern is currently being used for a KAL over at Berroco's Ravelry group.  There is a prize involved if you make it with Berroco yarn.

It works up deceptively fast, though I will admit that the edging took me three days of crafting!  I'm not talking an hour each day either.  I'm talking the first day I put in about five hours on it, the second day was also five hours, and the third day was about 3 hours if you don't count the blocking.  So for as quickly as the blanket works up, the edging will take you some time... but it is all worth it.  I think it would be fun to work this up in different weights - fingering would make a lovely shawl, worsted would be a great lapghan, and the bulky that it calls for creates an awesome baby blanket.

Oh, and just so you know - I was not solicited or paid by any company for this 'review' and this post is simply me sharing my latest FO and gushing over the materials.  All of this is my own opinion and love of a recent project that I wanted to share.

I turned this in to HPKCHC's DADA classroom since it required such strenuous and aggressive blocking.  I do hope they like it.  I know the yardage will get me some bonus points for the most noble house of Slytherin but it's nice to get recognition from the professors for your efforts.  We'll see... either way, I'm so tickled with it and the fact that it's already loved by those I made it for so my blessing are aplenty already.

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