23 May 2015

He's so sweet

My  husband was at work the other day and during the course of the conversation, the young lady he was speaking to had made mention of her crocheting.  My dear husband got all excited and told her that I too am a crafter.  She shared photos of her work and he shared my blog with her.

When he was telling me about this last night, I was just smiling from ear to ear.  I know that many of my talented friends have spouses who don't truly understand what it is that we do.  They know it makes them happy and they support that aspect of it but they don't understand why playing with sticks and strings delights us.  I can't say that my sweet Pokey truly understands it all either but the fact that he is so supportive - he truly is my biggest cheerleader - and appreciative of my work, it just melts my  heart.

Others joke about hiding recent purchases and such from their spouses but I'm different.  I share all the fabulous finds and even though he may not think there is anything 'delicious' at a certain yarn base or colorway, he gets a giggle because I do.

So hello, newest person who was directed to my little space in the world.  I hope you are enjoying our town and my little crafty space.  Be sure to say hi over on Ravelry and I wish you a day full of yarnie goodness!!

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