25 November 2015


So many blessings this week, it has been difficult to choose which I wanted to write so I figured I would just be me and write about them all.

This past week, Hobbit has been up with my folks. They drove up to Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia to make the same memories with her that they did with me so many years ago. I hope she had a wonderful time - judging by the photos I saw, she did. I know what you're thinking, why don't you call and ask her... well, because she's spending time with my folks and I don't want to infringe on their special time together. I will see her tomorrow and hear all about it.

This past Friday, I took the day off from work - I actually worked 4 ten hour days so I could be off on Friday - and Pokey and I spent the day at Disney's Hollywood Studios. We had a wonderful day enjoying some of our favorite attractions at our own pace. Taking Hobbit is always a treat but some days, we like to go at a little slower pace and this was one of those days. I have a ton of photos up on my Instagram account. Actually, if you start at the first one, I believe I documented our entire day at the park so you can stroll along with us - right down to knitting and reading in queue.

This week at work has been full of interesting things. I am finally down to just one job, working the normal hours I was initially told I would be working, and doing the job I was promoted to do. It has been fantastic! I have a feeling of normalcy back in my life. No more fretting over getting it all done, finding the hours, shuffling the priorities and reshuffling again. I have really enjoyed this week - and it was a short week considering I am done until Monday... another thing I'm thankful for, definitely.

Our little knitting group that my friend and I have been trying to get going looks like it's finally going to take off. We have tried different locations over the months and it appears as though this last one is the ticket. If you are in the area and have some free time on Saturday mornings, please come and join us! We're up to seven members now, Hobbit included.

We're fixing to head into a break month of all of my Ravelry tournament themed knitting groups - HPKCHC and Disney Adventures. It's been a crazy term/series but with work life settling down, this upcoming term/series should be fantastic. I've put in my request to be in a specific area of the Cup so we'll see if the blessings continue.

Speaking of more blessings, Pokey and I tried a new church this past Sunday and it was glorious. Very welcoming, not too big, powerful message, and we both agreed that we want to keep going. I truly believe we may have found our church home. Pokey wants to start their Men's Bible Study which meets before church so I'm guessing Hobbit and I can try out the Women's group that meets at the same time.

Sounds like Pokey is home with supper so I'm going to go. We've got to eat and get settled in for the night. I'm so proud of him - he's trying to quit smoking and hasn't had a cigarette or e-cigarette for the entire time that Hobbit has been away! Praise God for that for sure.

I hope y'all have a wonderful time with your loved ones tomorrow and I'll talk with you soon.

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