29 November 2015

Sunday Snaps

We spent the afternoon decorating the house for Christmas.
We had a very productive day today. We got up and spent the morning at church. We heard a fabulous message regarding the Advent and Hope today. Hobbit really got a lot out of it - her goal is to read the book of Amos this week because Pastor Brian made mention of it in relation to this week's message.

After church, Hobbit and I ran to the grocery store while Pokey dressed the turkey and put it in the oven. Once we put the groceries up, we had lunch at Panera and dropped Hobbit off at Girl Scouts. They were decorating Christmas trees for the people at a local nursing home. She said she really loved spending the afternoon with the elderly residents and has narrowed her 'career choices' down to three - Engineering, Law, and Geriatric Medicine. I love how her passions and mind works some times.

Once I picked her up from Girl Scouts, we went home and decorated our house. She seemed to get really disappointed when I made mention that I was going to do it while she was away but save the tree for when we were all together. She sniffed at the idea though didn't say anything but seeing her disappointment, I waited. That made her super excited when I told her the news. So we decorated our house. She has a tree in her room that stands 4' tall and we have our family tree that stands over 6' - it's tall enough to hit the ceiling and we can't put a topper on it.

The outside did not get done but I'm sure my husband will do it next weekend - because we bought brand new lights for the porch area that are old fashioned big colored lights so he's excited to put them up, he was just really worn out today. I'm not complaining though, as he has been ten days without any type of nicotine - ecigarette or regular - so if he's a little worn out, that's okay. Tomorrow is another day.

I hope you have had an equally blessed day and are looking forward to a week full of cheer.

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