01 April 2013

Motivational Monday

Monday Inspiration Board 7

You thought I was going to do something prankster like and join in on the April Fool's, didn't you... nope, not me. I don't like being tricked - it's too mean spirited for me.  I prefer to focus on the beauty of the day instead of making other people feel somehow stupid or ridiculous or frightened... must be why I don't like Halloween much either because it carries many of the same traits.

Anywho, this is my week - copious amounts of coffee and lots of crochet while surrounded by the beauty of Spring!  I have some upcoming birthdays and unfinished crafts which is never a good coupling.  Thankfully, Hobbit goes back to school tomorrow so things will be back to normal around here... although I do believe I will be taking a more relaxed approach to this week as we ease ourselves back into our routines.

Although, in 4 weeks Peanut will be home for good and in 8 weeks Hobbit will be out of school for Summer Break... I can't help but get just a little excited, can I!

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