03 April 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up

Ever try to take covert photographs of covert crafting in the wee hours of the morning... yeah, doesn't really work, does it.
Hobbit's birthday is coming up - two Thursdays after next actually - and I've somehow gotten a bit behind.  I wanted to make doll blankets for her triple bunk bed that my folks got for her but I kept thinking that I had time... then I ran out of time!  I made one earlier for Quidditch but the longer it sits around, the more I don't really like it.  I might use it in a pinch if I can't get these done though.

The yellow thing is a new blanket idea - one long strip of grannys - but I'm thinking of ripping it out since I started it so late because it doesn't look good to me now.  The four square item at the top is hopefully a table cloth for her doll table and chair set that my folks got as well.  I have no idea if it will fit or not... if not, one of her dolls now has a woobie.  That little white square is an idea that I just think will break my heart because... well.. it's white... and Hobbit is... well... messy.  It is currently just sitting there, mocking me.

Can you see my bigger project in the back there?  My afghan that I've been working on?  No, oh... here's an updated shot I took yesterday -

This is covert too because the recipient doesn't know that they are in fact the recipient at all so this is where my time has gone.
I must run - time to get ready to face the day and as soon as I get Hobbit off to school, I have to get back to crafting!

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