25 April 2013

Nibbles and Narratives

I am absolutely loving this book!
I had to go to the doctor earlier this week.  It was for test results - she put an A+ on my report and asked if I studied hard, love her sense of humor - so I had a long wait but it was my fault.  I wasn't sure of the time so I ended up an hour early. Thank goodness I had stopped by a store for Starbucks and a book.  I knew I would be waiting but I had forgotten my book... which is curious and also not because I'm not really into it at the moment.  I've read it before so it's okay.  I want to read it but I'm not getting sucked in like I usually do so I decided to put it down and get a different book.. and then I walked out of the house without any book at all.

This was a quick grab and go shopping moment so I picked up two titles.  One is a Debbie Macomber that I will be reading once I'm done this one... this other new one... which is entitled "Death Comes to Pemberley".  Oh my goodness, I got sucked in right away and it's interesting too because they have it set up in the beginning where you don't necessarily have to have read "Pride and Prejudice", another favorite of mine.  Now, keep in mind that I don't read as quickly as my father or husband so I'm not halfway done or anything but I've just gotten to the moment where Lydia arrives in typical Lydia fashion and I despise her just as much now as I did before so that is a sign that things are written rather well.  I can't wait to see what comes next!

This whoops turned out to be a WHOOPY!
As far as the nibbles section goes, I've got a wonderful tip to share about a supper gone horribly wrong.  Yesterday, I made the roast my mother had put in our freezer a week or so ago.  My husband swears it was a "boston butt" so we'll go with that.. all I know is that I cooked it like I always do - in my crockpot with a bit of water, Worcestershire sauce, minced onions, ground mustard, garlic, salt and a dash of pepper.  I slow cooked it from frozen, just like always - putting it on at 8 a.m. and letting it fill the house with the aroma of yummy goodness so you're ready to gnaw off your own hand by supper time.  The only difference was, this time it was dry!  I have never made a dry roast so I immediately put the leftover Cowboy Lasagna from the day before in the oven and was heartbroken that I had somehow ruined supper.

Now, my husband, being the adventurous soul that he is, took the ruined roast and went to town.  He shredded it, slathered it in barbeque sauce and called it a success... and he was right!  We're having it for lunch today on some Hawaiian rolls - little BBQ Sliders.  So the next time you fear that you have ruined the roast because it came out dry - and trust me, it can apparently happen regardless of how long you've been making roasts - do as Pokey did... rip it to shreds, drown it in sauce and enjoy the best little sliders around.

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