07 April 2013

Sunday Snaps

I made a couple of super cute bunnies that made two very special people extra happy this Easter.

Hobbit had a pretty stellar Easter morning...

and a pretty awesome Easter afternoon as we went to visit my mama and my great aunt came up too.

Made a little progress on my super huge afghan.

I got some new pretty things, all thanks to my mama's generosity with her Kohl's cash.

Tinkerbell has integrated nicely into our family.  She's always with me and I love her dearly.

I learned how to make bread and it is honestly just slapyourmama delicious!

I finished one of three doll blankets for Hobbit's birthday next Thursday.

I also learned a new casserole that super tasty... so with that, it's been a most extraordinary week!
My mama and my great aunt are coming down for lunch today - should be fun.  Must do a final run through of the house to make sure all is in order.  Hopefully I will be able to work on the second doll blanket for Hobbit's birthday.  I've been able to do them in front of her because she keeps asking if they're baby blankets and I can honestly say yes... they are - for her babies.  Won't she be surprised next Thursday when she sees they were all for her birthday!

1 comment:

  1. What an awesome week! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tea kettle. Have I said that before? If so - it just must have needed said again *coughcoughmombraincoughcough* ;)


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