05 April 2013

When the going gets tough...

Look at it... I made that... with my own two hands... me.
Have you ever just had such a week that was so "ugh"... where all you wanted to do was throw your hands in the air and holler "I want a do-over!"?  It worked when we were kids... do-overs were miraculous things.  They righted wrongs and set the world back proper.  No one ever questioned the need, they were just automatically granted because you wouldn't ask for one if you didn't honestly need one.

Without going into the long sob story of what went wrong all during the week, I'll just pick up after my good long cry.  Yep, that's what I said, a good long cry.  It was necessary and when I decided I was done, I was done... and I set to do what I always seem to do when my world feels chaotic and out of control - I cleaned and baked.

My mama does this and when I was younger, I thought she was bonkers but I get it now.  When everything is wildly out of control, it helps - mainly because it puts you back in control of something.  So after the aforementioned cry, I scrubbed my kitchen top to bottom... then I wrote out my menu plan for April (yes, the entire month), then I wrote out my grocery list for the week and went to the store for my tiny bit of supplies.  Then, after getting Hobbit from school and putting up the groceries, I went on my own adventure.

It's the little things that bring back peace and comfort.
So like the old saying goes - when the going gets tough, the tough make bread.  What's that?  They don't make bread?  They get going?  Rubbish!  The going for me had gotten tough (oh you have no idea how tough) but me, being tough, I have decided to learn how to make bread.  It is currently rising on my counter top and I will soon have to punch it down, seal it and place it in my fridge overnight.  Tomorrow, I will attempt to actually make my first ever loaf of real, honest to goodness bread.

It's nice to know that no matter how chaotic, crazy and out of control the world may become, I can always count on being able to make something, anything, and it will calm me right back down.  Some days it's crafting, some days it's writing and some days it's getting my hands dirty in the kitchen.  Some days, like today, it just takes all three.

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