04 April 2013

The adventure has begun!

I finally had a nice chunk of time to properly start my book.  Now I know it's not the first time I've read it... shoot, it's not even the second time honestly, but I seem to be discovering a lot of new things this time around that I had not noticed previously.  It could be due to my age or it could be my brain attempting to find discrepancies between it and the film... whatever it is, it's interesting and a tad distracting honestly.  Oh well, forgotten pocket handkerchiefs aside, the adventure has begun!

Today, I have some ground beef thawing for supper and I was searching for something to make with it because I'm burned out on what I usually make so I did what anyone else in my shoes would do now... I went to Pinterest!  Thank goodness for my Foodie Galore board or else I would be floundering today.  When I popped over there, this was the first thing to catch my eye that matched my stores - Mexican Beef Casserole.  Oh yeah, this is what's for supper tonight and I'm going to 'cheat' a little bit.  I'll share but don't tell - instead of all the tomato paste, olives, garlic, etc I'm just opening up a packet of taco seasoning and using it.  The rest is going to be the same (maybe) and I'll add a side salad to cool it off. 

I promise to report back if it's any good and if I tweak it any further then y'all will be the first to know.

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