11 April 2013

Nibbles and Narratives

Random act of Hufflepuffness arrived at my house today - oh how I love my Hufflepuff friends!
This may look odd to some but trust me, it was the best thing in the world to me.  Just before Easter, I was talking in my cete, the Honey Badgers for the HPKCHC in the humble house of Hufflepuff, and we were discussing our favorite candies that come out this time of year.  One of my cete mates mentioned these Cadbury Flake bars and even showed a photo of them.  I died.  I mean look at it - all that light airy Cadbury goodness... and they weren't anywhere to be found in my area.

Fast forward to today, just after the mail had been delivered.  I received a package from California and inside was the best treat a girl could imagine... a sweet postcard and the aforementioned Flake candy bars - four of them!!  My jaw dropped, my eyes (and mouth) watered and my heart swelled.

It's so nice to be randomly thought of by someone whom you've never met... random acts of Hufflepuffness are the best.  Now, I am of to dive into my tasty treat and plot a way to pay it forward...

1 comment:

  1. Oh yum!! those look so good. I have had no sugar for over a week now as I am trying to lose unwanted poundage from my trip to Mexico. Just looking at the photo is making me drool!


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