02 May 2013

Nibbles and Narratives

Death Comes to Pemberley.. I highly recommend it!
Oh my goodness, the poor Darcy and Bingley families!  I just am gobsmacked at the turn of events.  Not what I expected at all, honestly, but it's delicious that it has taken the turn that it has... I truly think this one character is capable of what transpired though I hold out hope that I am wrong... for his wife's sake if nothing else.

My heart breaks for Elizabeth and Jane though because they bare it all with such grace and stoicism as I have never seen in the real world.  If only something or someone would come and help ease their silent suffering.  This book has been absolutely wonderful thus far and I'm just at the halfway point.  If luck is on my side, I should hopefully find time to finish it this weekend.

As far as the nibbles go - I will apologize up front for forgetting to snap a photo of it but it was so delicious that it wasn't around long enough!  We were all having a blah food day and nothing sounded good so I decided that we were going to do breakfast for supper the other night.  I ended up making the best egg and tater tot casserole ever.  I am going to do it again - with camera at the ready - and write it up proper for y'all later this weekend.  Let me just say, you're gonna flip because it is so good.  Make sure you've got some tater tots at the ready for later this week...

You'll thank me for it!

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