17 May 2013

Weekend Wonderment ~ 17 May - 19 May

  1. Working on my Hello Kitty scoodie for Hobbit.  Started it last night so I'm rather pleased with how far I got actually.
  2. I need to finish that one side right there and hopefully get the other one done too while I've got this new found time.
  3. I need to make 5 charity squares for Quidditch.
  4. I've started writing on HubPages - my first installment was done today.  I plan on adding content every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so if you are wanting to learn how to crochet then might I suggest checking it out.
  5. Tonight we're going to "Rock the Park" and tomorrow, Hobbit and I are going to "Family Movie Event" over at the local library.  Just trying to check what all is happening around our town.

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