30 May 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up... sort of

I know it's Thursday technically but I had the post idea and I thought I had done it but with Pokey's birthday being yesterday, I was a tad preoccupied... though I do have a delicious recipe for you!

So... here is what I've been working on this week -

My OWL reached it's proposed 50% mark yesterday so I am thrilled about that!

My Mission is plugging right along as well.  This photo is now 'out dated' as I have worked up to row 15.
I'm going to spend the rest of this month flipping between these two projects so that I can get a nice cushion on them - because I got a job!  Yep, it's a work from home position as a Concierge for a major credit card and it looks like it will be a blast.  For me, I'm just happy that it will give us a nice addition to our income so we might be able to loosen our belts by one notch, maybe two, and then once the economy turns around we will be able to put my paycheck into our savings entirely. 

It's a part-time night gig so with the exception of training in mid-June, it won't really interfere with regular life around here - not that Hobbit is complaining about being able to spend two weeks with her grandparents.

So that's the Wound-Up and now I'm going to work on the regularly scheduled post...

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