05 May 2013

Sunday Snaps

Hobbit made her first ever official granny square and she is already working on her second!

I was curious if a pattern would be big enough if done in DK instead of double held worsted - short answer is no.

I'm designing a scarf.. oh yeah.. I'm excited!

Almost done with my wrap - and the story about how it depicts the duality of a werewolf.
On much bigger and way better news, Peanut is back in Florida and life is back to being close to wonderful again.. awesome finish to the week!


  1. Amy ... I'm so glad to hear you daughter is finally back in Florida!! I have followed your family since the days of knitting "Hats for Heros" ... so I know how hard that season of you life was when she was so far away!! So I share your joy!!

    I've enjoyed watching Hobbit and her crocheting projects. I love her first granny square!!! I can't believe how old she is now!! She's beautiful .... just like her mom :-)

    joan pickart

    1. Ms. Joan, do you know that makes it about five years now since we 'met'... wowzers! I do so miss Hats for Heroes and I know that as soon as things turn around financially, we'll start it back up but for now, it patiently waits.

      Thanks for sharing in my joy - that 'season' (I like how you phrased it) was the darkest of my life honestly. I wish someone would have shared how much harder it is to have adult children than anything else. I had an idea but it was nowhere near the truth of it all.


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