15 May 2013

Just curious...

I posted a photo to a community that I have been a part of for three years.  It's a photography community where you take a photo every day and post it.  Three years I've been doing this and today is the first day anyone has ever said anything nasty... but my question is simple - what was the point?

I wonder if Mr. Ben Whitley suddenly felt joyful and elated with life because he said something hateful and cruel to a complete stranger.  It doesn't matter how you look at it, it's just pathetic and sad.  I feel sorry for Mr. Ben Whitley because it is apparent that he does not have enough good things in his life.  Initially I was shocked that someone whom I've never interacted with before would randomly pop up and say something like that, then I was sad because I was allowing it to hurt my feelings, and now I'm just wishing that Mr. Ben Whitley is able to find one good thing today to make him smile.

I'm guessing that wasn't his intention.  Oh well, wonder what was... just curious.


  1. Try not to let it bother you. I would take some comfort in knowing that karma will be visiting Ben Whitely shortly.

    1. Apparently Mr. Ben Whitley was on a rampage this past week and has since been removed from the site. It won't stop someone like him from starting a new account under a different name and/or email but it's nice to know that it was done. The site also deleted the comments from this person on everyone's images and forum topics.

    2. That is awesome that the site took action. I'm sorry that you were one of his targets. I just don't understand the purpose of trolling.

  2. Eww. It's really good of you to have the positive perspective you do. Because you are right, what a sad person he must be.

    I love the photo!

  3. What a nasty person.

    I really dislike seeing people respond in a rude way to things someone has deemed to put on the internet.

    If that someone had to gird their courage to post that something, what are they going to think of that response.

    Karma will certainly visit this man, and hopefully he will learn from it.


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