03 May 2013

Weekend Wonderment

And the most heartbreaking two years of my life is now over - my baby is coming home!!
Yep, you read that right - she has spent her last day in South Dakota and she will be home oh so very soon.  I've taken the next week off from all my other duties so that I can spend time with her, catching up on the last two years that I've missed.  She's asked for a photo walk in this one cemetery that has some really amazing angel statues so I'm sure I'll share that adventure.

It's no secret, I did not handle the first year very well at all... the second was only marginally better.  This coming school year, well let's just say that it will be just as I imagined this entire experience would be - visits, calls and back to being a family again instead always feeling broken.

Oh yeah - happy days ahead!!

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