03 February 2014

It really is that simple

Life really is that simple... or at least it should be.  If it's not, make it so... if it is, rejoice in the glory of it all.
I think this is something that we crafters may already know.  We may not know it outright but we know it because we constantly create.  Have you ever lost your "crafting mojo"?  It's horrible, isn't it.  I've lost it once or twice and they were agonizing days for me.  I wanted to craft but nothing was catching my eye or coming out right so I put everything down for a few days... and those few days were gut-wrenching.

But when I got that spark back, oh my stars was it amazing.  I felt like I could do anything.  It was wonderful.  I think everyone should have that feeling - probably why I'm always bragging on Peanut's drawings or Hobbit's attempts at crochet.  I know that feeling of accomplishment and I hope with all my being that they feel that feeling every day of their lives... like they can conquer the world because they made that - be it a fabulous piece of drawn or fiber art.  They made it with their own two hands and it is unique and beautiful and fabulous.

So if you only do one thing this week, create.  A beautiful crafted item, a delicious meal, a fabulous story, or even a clean room.  Create.  Use your hands and your mind.  Work up a good sweat, literal and figurative.  Get dirty, literally and figuratively.  Scared?  Yep, it's okay because so am I every time I cast on a new pattern idea but I go for it because it's only yarn and I can frog it as many times as I need to in order to get it just right.

Create... because we should have those moments of glory where we can sit back and admire our work, beaming with pride and simply thinking, "I did that".

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