01 February 2014


February is a mushy gushy month and I'm okay with that.  There are lots of things I can get mushy gushy over - here are a few...

My latest design project - yes, that's neon yarn... and yes, I'm writing the pattern down for y'all.
HPKCHC - I love being a professor and I made this image and wrote the corresponding class prompt this month!
My insanely talented girls.  Hobbit designed and made her jewelry...
Peanut drew this self-portrait for her homework at university.
The love of my life, Pokey.  I could gush about him all day, every day.  My favorite shot from our honeymoon.
I thought today would be the perfect day to share a little love.  I hope you take a moment or two today to share a bit of love with the ones you love and the things you love.

That's why I spent some time with y'all today too!

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