05 February 2014

Busy day ahead

Got my bags all packed for a day full of hurry up and wait.
It's days like these that make me thankful that I am a crafter.  Sure, I may have to carry around an extra bag but at least I won't be constantly staring at my watching, heaving a heavy sigh, and glaring at everyone who walks by because I'm bored to death and tired of waiting.

Nope, I'll be sitting there with my bags at my feet and happily tying knots into neon yarn and hoping that it's not my name they'll be calling because I'd like to finish this particular round so I can  be ready for the next color change.  I won't be looking at my watch at all, my sighs will be contented ones, and I will be far from bored because I'll be doing what I love while I wait.  In all honesty, I'll probably be the happiest person in the room... unlike this room, where the happiest person is furry and has puppy breath...

I love my Buddy dog and his big cheesy smiles.  Seriously, I've never met a happier oversized puppy in my entire life.

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