27 February 2014

Burst of energy!

Yesterday I was hit with a burst of energy.  It was the first day since this year started where I didn't feel sluggish and icky so I took full advantage of it.  I deep cleaned my house from top to bottom and it felt so good to sit down and enjoy it all sparkly fresh and tidy that evening.  Just look at my living room -
My asthma and allergies may have been hating it but I absolutely love the final result of a clean house.
I sat down, to enjoy the fruits of my labor and work on my latest project when the unthinkable happened...
I ran out of yarn!
Pokey is coming home for lunch so I can have the car and go get more this afternoon.  I had handed him the ball band and asked the get one of each color but he said it was too much pressure to get the right thing so it was just easier to do the swap at lunch.  I had to giggle but appreciate that he takes it very seriously for me.

For supper last night, I made a delicious full roaster chicken that had hints of lemon, celery, garlic, and the standard salt and pepper.  It was so tasty and I had a full pound leftover so that next week, I can try my first ever curry!  Yep, that's right, I'm going to make Butter Chicken to serve over rice for supper on next Wednesday.  I promise to tell you all about on Thursday.  I've been wanting to try curry for a long time and I heard that this is mild one is a good place to start - it was Gordon's first experience with it too during his Great Escape series when he went to India.

Apparently Pokey is on his way home now so I better get my shoes on and make us some lunch so we can eat and I can get him back to work.  Here's a fabulous song to get you through the day since we didn't do our Tuesday Tunes this week...

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  1. Wicked Awesome. How fun this was to read! Say Hi to Pokey! :)


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