10 February 2014

Now that's service!

This is super cool - I had written to Red Heart about a disappointing experience with two skeins of yarn in Team Spirit colors. They were rough and knotted in strange sections for joins. It was just an all around disappointing experience.  I was just letting them know that their new line needed a bit of work and wasn’t expecting anything or asking for anything. It was just feedback so that they could make some improvements and adjustments.

Y'all know I love me some Red Heart yarns - they are affordable, durable, and the variety is amazing... and apparently, so is their Customer Service.  Hobbit came in from the bus with a box and it was from Coats and Clark, Red Heart's parent company - it had four huge skeins of their With Love yarn inside - one Burgundy, one Gold, on Green, and one White to replace the icky and disappointing Team Spirit yarn I bought!

Now that is awesome service.

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