19 May 2014


I couldn't stop myself yesterday but that is what happens when you have me wait 18 days to do something fun!
Surefire way to motivate me - have me pick a pattern and propose it but then make me wait 18 days to work on it.  By the time I was given the "Go!" I was pawing the ground like a racehorse in a starting gate!!

I've got a nifty system worked out in my head to spend equal time on this Mission and my OWL.  Four repeats on my Mission is equal to one row of my OWL right now so I will alternate between the two.  My Mission is small enough that I could carry it along with me places but my OWL is not so if I'm sitting and watching TV on my days off, that is my night project by default since it can't go anywhere but the daylight hours are devoted to Mission work, Quidditch, and classroom homework.

I should rock this term if I can get a good rhythm started with these two big projects.  I already got my Size Matters project submitted.  It was fabulous and totally cheering up my office, take a look -

African Flower pennants and Granny Sweet Hearts all on 6' of shell scalloped garland for my office window.
I plan on making another one for the other window too.  If I can get it done fast enough, I'll turn it in for class this month which will give me 8 complete and then I only need to do 4 for the middle month... or I could do 8 again which would leave me with 2 classes for the final month and a lot of time to focus on my Advanced Studies projects.  The combinations are endless!

Back to crafting because goodness knows, my Headmistress Challenge hat won't crochet itself!

No need to adjust your screens folks, it is that bright!  Remember that neon yarn I got for Christmas?  This is it!

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