28 May 2014

Wednesday Wound-Up

This is my Transition Shawl.  I really am loving how it is turning out. Two more sections, then lace!

This is my afghan which only needs 61 more rows and a border to be called done.
I seem to be in big project mode, alternating between these two during this last week of the month.  I'm taking a brief pause to work on something special for Pokey today, as part of the Love Dare that we're doing.  The challenge today was to buy something special to let your spouse know you were thinking of them today.  Well, I can't get to the store because it's too far to walk, so I am simply going to make him something special.  Nothing huge because I only have today to do it but it will be helpful to him and that's important too.  I'll share tomorrow what I've made.

Today, as soon as Pokey gets home from work, we're headed to the eye doctor's office to pick up Hobbit's and my new glasses.  Pokey got his last week.  I'm super excited because this will be the first time in my life that I will be seeing 20/20 and yes, I did cry in the doctor's office when she showed me the difference between my current glasses and what my new glasses will be - such a difference!!  I also got transition lenses so that I won't have to squint, though I am worried about what it will do to my photography outside.

What projects are you working on today?  Are you a big project crafter or do you prefer smaller ones?  I usually go for the smaller ones because I like instant gratification but once or twice a year I push myself to make something big because I do love the finished items.

Don't forget to sign up for the fabulous giveaway I have going on right now.  It will be open until Friday night so be sure to get your entries in - simple click and boom, you're done.

Okay, back to the crafting so I can get Pokey's gift done before he gets home tonight!

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