11 May 2014

Sunday Snaps

This series started as a single photo to represent the day and then morphed into a photographic look back at my week.  I think moving forward, I'm going to go back to the single shot to represent my day but before I do that, I wanted to share my Mother's Day with y'all and it can't be done in just one shot.

I have to work tonight so my Mother's Day festivities were done yesterday as a complete surprise.  It started with piling me into the car to go to Target after Pokey got home from work yesterday.  He decided that I needed a bookcase to put a TV on in the office because he is getting the house wired for whole house DVR playback when he's home on Wednesday!  This is so I can watch what I've recorded during the week while I'm working.  It gets super quiet from about 10 pm until midnight so I can devote that time to research and I can listen to the shows that don't require my full attention - like American Idol or The Voice - while I do my work instead of having to wait until the next morning where I've been hit with spoilers.  Pokey has decided that he would like a bigger TV in the family room - and I agree - so when we upgrade, I'll get the one that is currently out there and Hobbit can have her's - which she graciously and selfless offered to me for use until we do - back.  Here is that cozy section of my slowly but surely office redecoration...
I am debating putting my crafting books or yarn in pretty bins on the last two shelves.
The top shelf was super easy - my special treasures from my family (or past work life) that I hold dear.
Then, for some really strange reason, Pokey suggested that we go to Home Depot to look and make sure we got the 'best value' for the bookshelf.  When we got there, he was immediately side tracked to the rug section.  I have been wanting a bigger rug for our living room for almost two years now.  He was getting discouraged because all the rugs that were the size we needed were over $300 and $400 but before we gave up hope, I found the perfect one.  I figured I would get the price and then adjust our savings budget to come back in a few weeks and pick it up.  He surprised me with a $100 gift card he earned from work so we were able to purchase it that afternoon and only spent $40 from our own accounts!  Doesn't it look wonderful...
Our old carpet barely fit under the ottoman, now it covers the entire area and it's gorgeous!
The final bit was a trip over to the garden center because he had an idea.  We have been looking for a shelf to put my monitor on and found nothing.  So what does my clever husband do - he takes a gorgeous cedar planter box and turns it on it side.  Seriously, that's how his brain works... and it's perfect!  My monitor is now eye level and totally awesome!
Look at all the open desk space I have now, which will come in super handy when I get my new desk!
I then got to spend the rest of the evening watching my favorite 'trash' on the television.  I watched a few episodes of The IT Crowd and then "Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason".  It was fabulous.  This morning, I woke to Hobbit giving me a fish she made in art class (it's on the bookshelf in the office), along with a cinnamon and raisin bagel with cream cheese and a fabulous cup of coffee.  It has been an awesome Mother's Day.

I hope everyone reading has a fabulous day as well - whether you're a mother yourself, have your mother to celebrate, or you're a daddy pulling double duty.  I wish you a day full of love and laughter surrounded by the ones you hold most dear.

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