04 May 2014

Coming up for air...

Oh my stars, that was an unplanned stretch of silence.  I'm so very sorry.  Work was crazy last week.  I normally work Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from four in the afternoon until midnight.  Well, this week had me working my normal bit but I then I had to work over my 'weekend' too because of training so I have been at work for six straight days... which doesn't sound bad but when you break down my day, it was a bit brutal.

You see, Pokey's alarm goes off every weekday at 5:30 in the morning.  Generally, I can doze in and out between then and when he leaves in the morning just after seven.  I'm basically forcing myself to stay in bed because I know my day will too long if I get up.  Once the garage door closes, I debate on getting up or staying until my alarm goes off at eight... let's just say my alarm hasn't gone off in ages.  So I'm up, showered, and starting chores before then and Hobbit rises around the same time, even though her alarm is set for 8:25 on school days.  I get her going on her day and on the bus by 9:20, which is generally an easy going time for us since she has a routine and she sticks to it fairly well.

Once she's gone on the bus, I go back to my chores.  I have a schedule on the fridge that I follow and it usually carries me until about noon, when I have some lunch and watch a bit of tv.  Then I set the kitchen timer for 3:45 and attempt to take a nap because I'm going to need one.  It rarely happens when I actually fall asleep but I try - I'm a horrible napper.  I "go" to work and hit the ground running at four in the afternoon and Hobbit is home around twenty minutes after.

That's a normal day for us - this past week has been anything but normal.  I was going in to work at two in the afternoon and ten in the morning during my days off for mandatory training, along with my normal work days.  It just wore me out.  So now that my May schedule has flipped my Saturday work and my Sunday off - of course I work on Sundays this month, it has Mother's Day on a Sunday and my luck lately has been total rubbish - we took yesterday and just enjoyed the day.

We had a relaxing morning, did grocery shopping, went out to supper, and perused the book store.  It was a wonderful way to recharge.  I even got some crafting in during the week since the HPKCHC Spring Term started on Thursday...

This and the next two were for Quidditch.  Buddy was a reluctant model...

I always wanted to try this celtic knot bracelet pattern.  I think it turned out really pretty.

Pokey needed a new toy on his desk - so I made him Nessy, the Loch Ness Monster. Isn't she sweet!

I made a trap for Care of Magical Creatures.  I had to modify a larger pattern to get the right size for charity.

I made a mug rug portkey for Charms class... it's the blue that makes it work.  Designed on the fly with my scraps.

Random hexagons that were turned in for Divination because they celebrated the number six like nobody's business.

Some bright pink hexagons for DADA, though how bioluminescent organism parlays into DADA is a bit out there.. hehe

and I just started my History of Magic hat because it's something we make repeatedly and I've made this pattern four times already.
I have been busy but thankfully, we are back to normal this week... though my 'weekend' consists of a hair appointment and Hobbit's dentist visit.  One day soon my days off will consist of actually being off.  We're down to the last four weeks of school and trust me, on June 4th there will not be an alarm clock set in this house.

I hope your week was better paced than mine and your upcoming week is easy on your soul.

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