05 May 2014

Yarnie mail is the best mail

I love Mondays. I don't know why others get so bummed about them. They signal a fresh week full of possibilities.  They also signal that everyone goes back to work and school and I can clean my house.  Maybe I love them because they're quiet after the hustle and bustle of the weekend... or maybe I love them because my house looks fabulous for at least five hours - in a row.  I know another reason why I love them... I get to share the awesomeness that arrived in the post over the weekend!

Last term over in the HPKCHC, a fabulous Slytherin challenged us all to a stash down in Quidditch - and I won!  Do you want to see what I won?  Okay, I'll share with you...

Isn't it beautiful!  She made that for me with her own two hands... for me... seriously!!  I love it.
Yep, that awesome bit of owly goodness is all for me.  There isn't another bag in the universe like this one.  It's super huge and full of awesomeness - figuratively and literally.  Look, I'll prove it...
That yellow is the happiest yellow on the planet.  There is no way to be gloomy when you open this bag.
Isn't that an amazing shade of yellow?  The picture shows it a touch paler than it truly is but it's been raining and so I'm lacking on the natural light front.  I can tell you that it is honestly chocked full of happy, again both figuratively and literally.  Do you see what is peeking out from inside?  Care to take a closer look?  Yeah, I did too and check out what I discovered...
It just screams "Molly Weasley", doesn't it!?!  It's too fabulous, I swear.
That right there is enough yarn to make one truly awesome Patronus Cloak, which just happens to be the pattern that she gifted to me a few weeks ago!  I absolutely love every bit of it.  I knew she was making a project bag, because it was part of the prize offered but I had no clue that it was going to be so massive - same the yarn.  I thought a cute little sock sized project bag and a new skein, all of which is awesome in it's own right, but this was way beyond my wildest dreams!  I will freely admit that I cried when I opened it all.  I do that when confronted with amazingness - just turn straight into a puddle.

So there you have it, a truly magical moment brought to you by the noble house of Slytherin - owl post that contained yarnie goodness... and on Monday, it's quiet enough that I'll can start plotting my color charts so I can be ready for next month's classes and earn some serious points!!

Yep, I love Mondays... don't you?

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