18 May 2014

The wacky week that was

It has been one crazy week, let me tell you.  It started when I went on my lunch break Monday evening and my modem just totally crapped out.  That was the catalyst to send the week downhill fast.

Over three days we had three different technicians in here attempting to correct a simple issue.  To most people it wouldn't be a big deal but I honestly can't stand having strangers traipsing through my home and disrupting my routines.  One was here until just after 11 pm - he was the worst one with his constant need to go outside and smoke, then come back in and make my house smell like an ashtray.  He left doors open and drug dirt in, just a really nasty soul all the way around.  The next one wandered around stating that he had "no flipping clue" and spent the majority of the time in and out, dragging in dirt as well but at least he closed the doors, muttering on his cell or directly to me about how people are "gunning for him" and how he was going to "take the heat for this account".  The last one was a supervisor, he kept hollering it was a coding issue.  From the moment he said hello and placed his overheated laptop on my antique sweater chest that my PopPaw built (which I promptly removed and placed on the fabric ottoman to prevent a hot spot in the wood), all he would say was how we were a "comp account" because my husband works for the company they are nothing but trouble and it always boils down to being a coding issue.

I am very thankful that my husband's company gives him all the perks that they do - we enjoy every single one - but the downside is that they treat me like dirt.  Figuratively and literally.  I am still a customer and I deserve the same level of professionalism and courtesy as any other customer.  It shouldn't matter if I'm paying $25 a month for all my services or $250 - I am a customer.

So long story short, they finally got me up and working again on Thursday evening.  My husband has sworn to never allow another technician in our home again, especially the contracted ones, and I was able to go back to work on Friday and plug along.

Last night, we went to a baseball game for our local minor league team - the Tampa Bay Yankees.  When they get called to the show, they get to be a part of one of the greatest baseball franchises in the universe, the New York Yankees.  The tickets were another perk of Pokey's company but they are available to any customer as well.  We had physical tickets but all anyone had to do was show their cable bill and get in free.  They do it twice a year apparently.  The Yankees won and there was a fireworks show after the game.  It was a lot of fun.  Hobbit is now a baseball fan, complete with her own foam finger.  I think her favorite part was being singled out of the jumbo fan cam shown on the huge screen at the back of the field.  Such a silly girl, that one.  I would have take pictures but there was a posting on the field website that cameras were not allowed.  I did see a lot of other folks with their cameras so I think next time, I will bring mine too.

Tomorrow, I am going to share what happens when you power crochet.  Granted, my hands hurt a bit right now and I've had to put it down but I had been waiting so long to start on it that when I was given the "Go!", I went!!  Here's a sneak peak from earlier today...

I must admit, I am loving how it is turning out and it is taking all my will power to not just keep going despite my hands hurting.

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