04 July 2014

Give thanks today

While the smell of BBQ and the sounds of laughter fill the air, be sure to take a moment and give thanks to those who bravely serve in our military. Their daily sacrifice makes each of our days possible. While you are watching the beautiful fireworks twinkle in the sky later, say a prayer for those who are standing watch to keep us safe tonight - as they have done every night before and will continue to do every night that follows.

Freedom is many things, but it is not free. 

1 comment:

  1. I love that you have Happy Independence Day! My friend did a whole little bit on why it is Independence Day and not the Fourth of July - it really stuck with me and made so much since. My goal this year and going forward is to use that phrasing exactly. Every country has a Fourth of July, not every country has an Independence Day :) - Love it, and thank you to all that gave us and help maintain our independence!


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