07 July 2014

Relaxation motivation

Not the chicken, the African Flowers - isn't it fabulous, so very happy!
I've spent the past week celebrating so I took this holiday weekend to relax... well, when I wasn't working I was relaxing.

I had originally told myself that I was going to work on my Mission shawl that is due by Sunday the 13th but instead, I worked on my Quidditch because the colors made me super happy.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Mission but when I show the finished pictures, you will understand what I am talking about because I had to go undercover and create something that will keep me well disguised.  Which in my case, that means working with muted colors.  I did not realize how badly I craved color until I started this grey project.  I love grey.  I think it is a beautiful and underutilized color but if you look at my projects that I've made since I started this grey shawl, you will see the other extreme because they have all been done in neon yarns.  Funny to think how a color can do that, isn't it.

There are still a few more days left in the pattern book giveaway and the final two yarn giveaways (here and here) so be sure to toss your name in the hat.  I promise you, this pattern book will blow your mind!  Once I'm done with my shawl, I've got my University of South Alabama blue ready to go for little Miss Rebecca - we had to pick a neutral team to keep the family peace... since we were all Jags at one point, it seemed fair.

Happy Monday and I hope the holiday weekend motivated you too!

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